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08 May 2008 @ 04:17 pm
New layout and project~  
V12 for Hnm.net, featuring Kazu (Kagerou) is up :3 I forgot to update when i put it up some days ago~
A new project is up, Rasen, a Kagrra, songs webring. The idea is that you join it, sort of claiming a song by Kagrra, (only 1 song per person). People will be listed in a page, displaying a little button (which will be made by me, or you could make your own, as long as it features Kagrra, cover art or Kagrra, members pictures.

The only thing you need to join is a website or a Livejournal (other type of blogs that are not Livejournal or website blogs won't be accepted).

Oh well! You will see once it's finished.
That's all for now :3

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